Choose your own Killing Hitler-Adventure

16.10.2015 Misc #Books #Hitler

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killlllTIL: This exists: Killing Hitler With Praise And Fire: Choose Your Own Horrible History. We truly live in golden times.

Killing Hitler With Praise And Fire is a choose your own adventure type gamebook about killing or eliminating Hitler to make the world a better place. Play as a time traveller from the year 2525 and explore 13 different time periods with over 100 different endings. Options for victory range from the standard shoot Hitler in the face to the darkest lovecraftian horrors.

Also, this Amazon-Review:

Wish there were more ways to kill Hitler. e.g.

- Hang by toenails with ice picks
- Play Miley Cyrus 24/7 in a room with a dull butter knife. Let nature take its course.
- Leave adrift at sea in a shoddy lifeboat filled with salty chum
- Create large spit over active volcano--make a Hitler roast.
- Deliver Hitler to untouched Amazonian tribe as sacrifice offering.
- Help cash-starved zoos--make Hitler-chow--feed to lemurs.
- Speaking of zoos, let him play in a small pen with two male elephants during mating season, after spraying him with pheromones, natch.
- Drop him off at the North Pole in a pink tutu.
- etc.

...Otherwise, a great read.