Fuck your Aliens are Comets okay 👽🔫

endSeit gestern macht mal wieder ein bisschen Pseudoscience die Runde durch die Mainstream-Medien und Blogs who want to believe, man habe „möglicherweise außerirdische Mega-Strukturen“ gefunden, vielleicht sogar die sogenannten „Dyson-Spheres“.

It's Bullshit: Citizen scientists catch cloud of comets orbiting distant star.

Having worked through the other possibilities, the team concluded the most likely explanation is a family of exocomets that veered close to the star and were broken up by its gravity, producing huge amounts of dust and gas in the process. If the comets are on an eccentric orbit passing in front of the star every 700 days or so, further breaking up and spreading out as they go, that could explain all the dips in the data.