Skinning a Sex Doll

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Sharon Wright hatte sich für ein Fotoshooting eine gebrauchte (unbenutzte) Sexpuppe geliehen, die wollte danach niemand mehr zurückhaben und als sie sie dann irgendwann entsorgen musste, gab’s nur eine adäquate Methode dafür: „I'll just skin the bitch“. Silikon-Gore ahead!

I don't want to wrap her up in trash bags again and stash her in the garage. I can't throw her in the trash, she wouldn't fit any way. I can't just set her out on the curb - I really like our neighborhood and would like to continue to live here without being looked at as "the freaky neighbors". I'm sure as hell not going to put her on Craigslist and invite people over to examine her wares.

I'll just skin the bitch.
That's a logical solution.
I can toss the parts in the trash (does silicone go in the recycling or the trash?) and I'll keep the skeleton to do some crazy fun stuff with.
And so it began.

skin1 skin2 skin3

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Poppys World 😶


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