Extremely Ugly Stuff aus Mainz

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uuglyDas Team hinter dem äußerst interessant aussehenden Animationsfilm Ugly aus Mainz finanziert derzeit die letzten Meter ihres experimentellen, chaosintegrierten Analog/Digital-Animation-SetUps per Kickstarter. Das sieht alles ziemlich toll aus, auf so ’ne beknackt-großartige Art und ich würde das Ergebnis gerne sehen bitte, also macht mal was dankeschön. 😜😱😶

Since being in control is often an illusion, we decided to give up on it. As a result, the animation in Ugly is somewhat different than what you'd normally expect from a Computer Generated film. It is a combination of puppeteering and dynamic simulations and is both hyper-realistic and imperfect which we thought goes well with the main theme in Ugly.

As a result, there are no in-between poses, the animation has to work linearly and every shot has to be animated in one go, which makes the process more accidental and spontaneous. In other words, it is similar to working with real actors, who are given directions, but can decide how to interpret these into their performance. That loss of control is often time consuming and frustrating. Nevertheless, it is also liberating and feels like every animated character embodies a real personality with all its quirks.

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