moot sells 4chan

Christopher Poole hat 4chan an Hiroyuki Nishimura für einen unbekannten Betrag verkauft, Gründer von 2Channel, dem japanischen Vorbild: „It is a move that Mr. Poole, who grew 4chan to more than 20 million monthly visitors with no assistance from venture capital or full-time employees, describes as coming full circle. 2Channel, Mr. Poole said, is the site devoted to anime and Japanese culture that inspired Mr. Poole to create 4chan.“

Der Mann passt ganz hervorragend zum Drecksloch des Internets, ob das alles aber wirklich ’ne Zukunft hat, wage ich zu bezweifeln, aus einem Wired-Profil von 2008: „Nishimura has lost about 50 lawsuits and owes millions of dollars in penalties, which he has no intention of paying. 'If the verdict mandates deleting things, I'll do it,' he says. 'I just haven't complied with demands to pay money'.“

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