How to screen a Movie for Refugees

Wunderbare Aktion von Secret Cinema, ein sogenannter Secret Protest, ein Screening eines indischen Dreistundenfilms im französischen Flüchtlingslager Calais Jungle. Die haben dafür einfach ’ne aufblasbare Hüpfburg hingestellt, umgekippt und den Film draufprojiziert. Lebensnotwendige Hilfe ist das vielleicht nicht unbedingt – aber vielleicht ja doch.

Hintergründe gibt's im Interview mit Secret Cinema-Macher Fabien Riggall beim Guardian, Dougal Wilson hat das Screening besucht und schreibt auf Creative Review darüber: Secret Cinema’s ‘Secret Protest’ at the Calais Jungle camp:

We arrived at the sandy clearing where Secret Cinema’s vans had already arrived. A deflated, bouncy castle-like object lay on the ground. Small groups of intrigued camp inhabitants watched as the projection team began to pump air into the structure, and it mysteriously rose and started taking shape. […]

Despite its 187 minute running time in the chilly Calais night air, the assembled Sudanese, Afghans, Kuwaitis, Syrians and Eritreans hardly took their eyes off the screen. There were laughs at the goofy jokes, cheers at the triumphs, boos at the baddies, and some audience members even stood up to dance during the songs. I was suddenly aware that I could be in the classic scene in Preston Sturges’ Sullivan’s Travels, where, while incarcerated in a labour camp, Sullivan attends a showing of a Disney Pluto cartoon. Looking at the pure joy in the audience’s faces, Sullivan realises that comedy can do more good for the poor than his proposed social drama, O Brother, Where Art Thou?