R.I.P. FffffatLab

Another one bites the dust, FATLab macht dicht, eine der letzten Bastionen spannender Netzkunst aus den letzten Jahren. Mir scheint ja, diese ganzen Finales und die Abschiede der letzten Wochen und Monate sind vor allem ein Neuanfang für eine ganze Reihe von Leuten, die schon länger dabei sind (so wie auch hier) und schlichtweg die Schnauze voll haben, so schreiben auch die Ffffatlabs: „for now it’s simply time for something new“. Good.

As of August 1, 2015, fffff.at will remain online as an archive but will no longer be updated.

A lot of what I want to say about FAT closing has already been said by Magnus (and Peter, Frank & Rop, Geraldine, Rasmus and many others). The web has changed a lot in the last 8 years (so have we). Our adversaries have grown powerful and our methods outdated. Convenience is a hell of a drug, and we are in over our heads. The futch is going to be amazing! But for now it’s simply time for something new.

This was Fffffat:

FffffatLab auf Nerdcore:
The F.A.T. Lab Manual
PBS Off Book about Hacker-Art-Group F.A.T. Lab
3D-Printed Golden iPhone
3D-printed Toy Construction Kit-Adapter-Set
Evan Roth about Freedom, Art & Viral Media
Google Doodle Remover
3D-Printed Golden iPhone
Free Aiweiwei-Glasses

Evan Roth auf Nerdcore:
Hackers are Artists in their Soul: Evan Roth at TED
Evan Roth about Freedom, Art & Viral Media
Intellectual Property Asshole Competition
Tagging-Typostudie: Graffiti Taxonomy
Evan Roths Graffiti Analysis 3.0
Evan Roths Graffiti Analysis 2.0
Angry Birds All Levels, painted with Fingerprints
Solitaire.exe: Card Deck based on the Original Procrastinator
Translating Turntablism into a Scratch Markup Language (SML)
One sentence contained within every HTML tag in alphabetical order
Next Gen Lasertagging
Fighting for Freedom with Copyright-Violations
Hiding chinese Regime-Criticism in copyrighted Youku-Videos
Graffiti Markup Language 2010
Animated GIF-Montage: Cache Rules Everything Around Me