Moar Links from the End of the World

Die SPD demontiert sich nun komplett und sucht Anschluss an die FDP: „Angela Merkel mache einen 'ausgezeichneten' Job und sei eine 'gute Kanzlerin', lobt Schleswig-Holsteins Ministerpräsident Torsten Albig. Und stellt die Frage: Braucht es 2017 überhaupt einen Kanzlerkandidaten seiner Partei?“

Die Metronauten haben die Kampagne dazu geleakt: SPD stellt neue Motive für Bundestagswahl 2017 vor.

Mouth Eyes Webcam: Tears of Saliva (Mouth Eyes auf Nerdcore: Strange Photoshopping, Moutheyes Revisited, Split Tongue Moutheyes, Moutheyes Icecream Commercial)

Great Idea killed completely for me by Arial Black and bad Typography: „Old Masters Buzzfeed by Matthew Britton takes classical art retitled in the style of Buzzfeed headlines“. (via Prosthetic Knowledge)

Jeff Lemires Breakthrough-Comic signiert und im Schuber: Deluxe Edition Essex County Now Available!

XKCD: Exoplanet Names 2

Creative Review: Jim Le Fevre's 3D stroboscope for Sbtrkt

Toyland: This Is What a Monstrous 18-Foot Long Millennium Falcon Toy Looks Like

Toller neuer Bot von Darius Kazemi, ist allerdings noch zu frisch und enthält bislang nur ein Item: „Trend Reportz: Generating incomprehensible slide decks about what's 'in' with the kids these days.“

James Bridle stellt in Berlin aus: The Glomar Response. James Bridle solo show in Berlin explores torture, surveillance, imperialism and immigration (James Bridle auf Nerdcore)

Love this story: Judge orders teenage defendant to be ‘court artist’ (Weil: Mir ist praktisch genau dasselbe passiert. Als ich mal wegen Graffiti verknackt wurde, verdonnerte mich der Richter dazu, ein paar Bilder für das lokale Pflegeheim zu zeichnen. Ich hab' damals drei architektonische DinA2-Zeichnungen angefertigt – so gut man das halt mit 17 hinbekommt. Die hängen da immer noch, soweit ich weiß.)

Niklas Roy: Pneumatic Computing - Flop or Future?

Scott Alexander: The General Factor of Correctness: „If ability to evaluate evidence and come to accurate conclusions across a broad range of fields relies on some skill other than brute-forcing it with domain knowledge and IQ, some skill that looks like 'rationality' broadly defined, then cultivating that skill starts to look like a pretty good idea.“ And this: FREEDOM ON THE CENTRALIZED WEB: „Actually, the whole Reddit thing left a bad taste in my mouth.“

Fantastic News from the Internet Archive: 2016 Political TV Ad Tracker: with Analysis & Fact-checking Citizens Can Trust

To help citizens navigate their way towards informed choices amidst the flood of political messaging, we will be building on journalism partnerships to present digital library reference pages for political ads. Our journalism launch partners include Politifact, and the Center for Public Integrity.

We will be capturing all TV programming in select 2016 primary election locales, front-loaded to reflect early-state candidate winnowing. We hope to apply lessons learned during the primaries, to key general election battleground states in the fall. In addition to our regular TV news research library interface, we’ll be creating an online reference page for each unique-content political ad. These pages will present journalist fact-checking and other analysis. Accompanying these assessments will be information about ad sponsors, campaign financial transparency data as well as dynamically updated tracking on each ad’s plays, including frequency, locale, etc.

1st Politician VR: 2016 Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Makes 360 Video Appearance
Star Wars VR

„Magicians Young & Strange hijack a Live Sky News broadcast with journalist Ashish Joshi in Westminster“:

Languagelog: „It seems impossible, but the news is being trumpeted all over the world: the reigning champion of Francophone Scrabble cannot speak French.“

Fresh Air on "policing" young women's voices, related: Male vocal fry

Porn Star Karaoke: Fully clothed and belting out Songs at a Strip Mall

If it's Tuesday, it must be Porn Star Karaoke night at Sardo's Grill & Lounge in Burbank, the longtime haunt of the adult film industry. ("If 'Cheers' had a bar porn-style, that's what Sardo's would be," says emcee Hunter, an actress in the industry.)

For the last 12 years, performers, producers, directors and crew have come to the wood-paneled bar in a strip mall off the 134 Freeway to sing — fully dressed — with their co-workers after a long day's work. "This is a place where you can come and be yourself," says talent manager Tee Reel. "The only other time you see people is on set, and it's hard to talk when you're naked."

Facebook-Embeds somehow don't work here, so: This fantastic DJing-Clip from DJ Lady Style and this awesome Streetart-Gig in Freital.