The pink-shoelace-handbound gosh-dang-it-mommy-fudging-ham-sandwich reactions of Kimmy Schmidt


„I'm having candy for dinner“: The Gosh-dang-it-mommy-fudging-ham-sandwich Reactions of Kimmy Schmidt. <3 [gallery columns="4" link="file" ids="92508,92506,92507,92509"]

Whether scared, excited, upset, or confused, Kimmy was never lacking in outdated references, mismatched concepts, or obliviousness to modern-day objects or topics and, ever the innocent 15-year-old, she never cursed, no matter the fudging odds. As delivered by Ellie Kemper, Kimmy’s reactions are genuinely filled with emotion and infectiously explosive.

This compilation is not of Kimmy’s best one-liners or pieces of dialogue but of her funniest, quirkiest, most heartfelt reactions made infinitely more memorable by her choice of words, construction of sentences, and outdated innocence.

Each reaction is accompanied by the episode number and context in which it happened, its time stamp, and the type of emotion that fueled it. (via Quipsologies)