The Yes Men are revolting

Vor drei Jahren bloggte ich über die Kickstarter-Kampagne der neuen Yes Men-Doku – und die ist jetzt endlich fertig. Anschauen kann man sie derzeit per VoD auf iTunes und Vimeo, leider (noch) nicht hierzulande und leider habe ich (noch) keine Alternativewissenschon gefunden. Kann mir aber sehr gut vorstellen, dass die das in absehbarer Zeit selber fixen, wie sie's schonmal getan haben.

For 20 years, notorious activists the Yes Men (Mike Bonanno and Andy Bichlbaum) have staged outrageous hoaxes to hijack public dialogue about the issues of the day. In their third cinematic outing (after "The Yes Men" and "The Yes Men Fix the World"), they’re well into their 40s, and mid-life crises are threatening to drive them out of activism forever – even as they prepare to take on the biggest challenge yet: climate change.

Their latest film is as much a character study as it is a thrilling ride depicting their latest interventions against corporate greed. From villages in Uganda, to toxic oil fields in Canada, these iconoclastic revolutionaries take on big oil, lobbyists, and the U.S. government, armed with nothing but thrift-store suits. Overcoming personal obstacles to deliver uproarious actions of global significance, the Yes Men deliver a hopeful message about ordinary people taking back the planet.

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