Laurel & Hardys greatest Pie-Battle in History discovered

Stan Laurel hatte gestern seinen 125. Geburtstag und anlässlich dessen gab's ’nen Relaunch der großartigen Website Letters from Stan. Und dann haben sie am Wochenende auch noch ein lange verschollenes Reel mit der größten Tortenschlacht der Filmgeschichte gefunden, den die beiden in Battle of the Century abgezogen haben:

Over the weekend, it was quietly announced at the Library of Congress’ festival of “unidentified, underidentified, or misidentified films” that one of the most deeply mourned lost treasures in film history has reappeared. As reported by Pamela Hutchinson at Silent London, silent film historian Jon Mirsalis unexpectedly rediscovered the second reel of Laurel and Hardy’s 1927 film The Battle of the Century, lost for 60 years. The Battle of the Century is not only a crucial film in the careers of Laurel and Hardy, but it contains the biggest, best, funniest execution of the pie-in-the-face gag in cinematic history [ed: Not the funniest tho. That crown belongs to Monty Python]. For fans of early film comedy, this discovery is roughly the equivalent of Moby Dick swimming ashore carrying the Holy Grail.

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