Eagles of Death Metal: The Redemption of the Devil – Trailer

Die Eagles of Death Metal haben heute nicht nur ihr erstes Album seit 7 Jahren angekündigt, sondern auch 'nen Trailer zur Promo-Doku von Vice, die mich nach dem Trailer zu urteilen fast noch mehr interessiert, als das Album. Ich mein, ey, der Satz hier könnte von mir sein: „Everybody should have my Drug Problem.“

What happens when one of the wildest and most charismatic rockers in the industry hits 40? When he's had more sex, drugs and rock'n'roll than you could possibly imagine. What does he turn to? God?

The Redemption of the Devil is an intimate and at times brutally honest portrayal of a year in the life of Jesse 'The Devil' Hughes. A year when he finally completes the recording of his band Eagles of Death Metal's fervently awaited new album with his childhood best friend Josh Homme. A year when he becomes ordained as a Catholic minister. A year when the battle for custody of his only child becomes increasingly bitter. A year when his relationship with former adult filmstar Tuesday Cross becomes progressively intense. A year when his passion for conservative politics leads him to seriously consider re-entering the political arena. And that only scratches the surface.

The Redemption of the Devil is about as far away from a standard rock-umentary as you can imagine because Jesse is about as far from a one-dimensional media-trained rockstar as you can get. This is a music film via religion, politics, fatherhood, drugs, friendship, love and above all, redemption.