Bioluminescent Organisms and their glowy Bullshit

fishHach, Clickhole <3 10 Bioluminescent Organisms That Better Cut That Freaky Shit Out Before I Call The Cops: „Jesus. No way am I going to sit here and tolerate this freaky-ass bullshit from a bunch of fucking fish.“

Und überhaupt: Clickhole (die Clickbait-Satire von The Onion, für mich derzeit eine der ganz wenigen Websites, die man lesen kann, ohne innere Blutungen zu bekommen) geht's anscheinend so prima, dass Slate denen neulich einen tollen Behind-The-Scenes-Artikel gewidmet hat: Wow. Clickhole. How the Onion spinoff designed to mock the Internet became the best thing on it.

Indeed, most ClickHole stories deliver precisely what their headlines promise, often to an absurdly literal degree. In some cases the headline promises something extremely banal, and the content delivers it. In other cases the promise itself is bizarre or outlandish or very, very sad, yet the piece makes good on that promise. Some of the best ClickHole stories represent the headline’s promise as interpreted by a stupid person or a deeply disturbed person or a racist person or a fictional character or, in the case of a bananas Calvin and Hobbes video the site published last June, a straight-up pervert.

(“If You Grew Up With ‘Calvin and Hobbes,’ You Need to Watch This Right Now,” the headline read, and the video—which is still floating around the Internet in all its awful splendor—featured the two beloved cartoon characters extravagantly, explicitly fucking, followed by the words, “We love you, Bill Watterson!” The post disappeared quickly, but bolstered the suspicion among readers, me included, that ClickHole was a site that might not actually have any boundaries of taste.)