Christopher Lee R.I.P.


Christopher Lee ist bereits am vergangenen Sonntag, dem 7. Juni, im Alter von 93 Jahren gestorben. Sein Dracula ist und bleibt bis heute der beste aller Blutsauger, mit Abstand. Danke für alle die Monster, Chris, und sag' Peter Cushing und Vincent Price 'nen schönen Gruß.

Lee’s most famous role for Hammer was playing Dracula, a role which became one of his most widely recognised although the actor wasn’t pleased with how the character was treated. “They gave me nothing to do!” he told Total Film in 2005. “I pleaded with Hammer to let me use some of the lines that Bram Stoker had written. Occasionally, I sneaked one in. Eventually I told them that I wasn’t going to play Dracula any more. All hell broke loose.”

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