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- Live long and prosper, Asteroid 4864 Nimoy: „Its orbit is very slightly elliptical (Spock would no doubt inform you that it has an eccentricity of 0.1778108147152254, with a 1-sigma uncertainty of 6.3351e-08), and orbits the Sun in almost the same plane as Earth. It was originally discovered in 1988. In the orbital diagram above, I chose to display the position of 4864 Nimoy on the date of his death, Feb. 27, 2015.“

taxi- Wenn Journalisten mit dem Hubschrauber fliegen dürfen: „Weil Demonstranten die Zufahrtsrouten blockieren, werden Journalisten mit Militärhubschraubern zum G7-Gipfel geflogen. […] Wir haben mal die entzückten Tweets und Selfies gesammelt“.
- Protesters and police clash as G7 leaders prepare to discuss corruption and trade
- Angela Merkel and Barack Obama's German breakfast meeting – in pictures

- Saudi court upholds blogger's 10 years and 1,000 lashes
- Out-of-control Texas cop pulls gun on children

- „Russische Trolle haben offenbar den neuen Instagram-Account von Angela Merkel zugespamt. Das Social-Media-Team der Kanzlerin ist hilflos - doch andere Nutzer springen der Regierungschefin bei.“

- Gysis Rückzug: Er musste sein: „Gregor Gysi gehört zum politisch Besten, was dem Land nach der Wende zugemutet werden musste.“, Gysi verzichtet auf neue Kandidatur als Fraktionschef

- ‘The gun was loaded’: photographers on the shots that changed their lives
- Scott Campbell’s Great Showdowns Does Mad Max
- Announcing the 2014 Nebula Awards Winners!
- South Koreans win Darpa robotics challenge
- The Good, The Bad and The Robot: Experts Are Trying to Make Machines Be “Moral”
- The Time When Lady Gaga Told YouTube to Keep its UX “Shitty”

- Making The Go! Team’s New Album: Sonic Scope Via Internet Connection

- Monkeys' cosy alliance with wolves looks like domestication: „In the alpine grasslands of eastern Africa, Ethiopian wolves and gelada monkey are giving peace a chance. The geladas – a type of a baboon – tolerate wolves wandering right through the middle of their troops, while the wolves ignore potential meals of baby geladas in favour of rodents, which they can catch more easily when the monkeys are present.“

- Colosseum killing machine reconstructed after more than 1,500 years: „For the first time, experts recreate one of the 28 timber machines that hoisted wild animals into the Colosseum, where they were pitted against gladiators and each other“.

- Tiny spheres of human cells mimic the brain, researchers say: „Researchers have figured out how to create spheres of neuronal cells resembling the cerebral cortex, making functional human brain tissue available for the first time to study neuropsychiatric diseases such as autism and schizophrenia.“

Because he can:

- THE STAND To Be An 8-Episode Series Followed By A Movie: „The idea is for an eight-episode The Stand series to hit Showtime (most likely, no deal is in place yet). Instead of ending in a conventional way, it will all lead up to a theatrical film. Boone is expected to write and direct the whole goddamn thing. Shooting is expected to begin early next year“.

- The Online Privacy Lie Is Unraveling: „a large majority of web users are not at all happy, but rather feel powerless to stop their data being harvested and used by marketers.“

NET OF INSECURITY: A flaw in the design: „The Internet’s founders saw its promise but didn’t foresee users attacking one another“

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