Garbage Pail Kids, 30 Years later


Bruton Stoube hat die Garbage Pail Kids 30 Jahre später fotografiert (danke Jens!) und sich Lebensgeschichten für sie ausgedacht, hier die Story von Bony Tony oben:

Tony did pretty well with the ladies in high school. They always wanted to get “under his skin,” curious what would be hiding under that zipper. In college, Tony partied hard, eventually dropped out, never to return. He was good with his hands, but unable to hold down a construction gig or any of the local assembly line jobs because of the safety concerns related to his loose skin. Tony decided he had a real gift, and took it to the stage. He has been headlining a low end Chippendales knock off in old town Vegas for the last 14 years.






Ich hatte hier mal ein Flickr-Album voller HighResScans gebloggt, aber das ist natürlich schon lange offline, weil „das Internet vergisst ja nix“ ist halt doch nur Bullshit. Hier noch ein nettes Photoshop-Timelapse-Dings: