Anti-Cheating Drones

luoyang-droneIn China überwachen sie Examen seit neuestem mit Dronen.

Vor anderthalb Jahren ging ein Fake-Video einer Schule rum, die ihre Tests angeblich mit Quadcoptern überwachte. Genau das gibt's jetzt in echt aus China, allerdings nicht ganz so überwachungsdystopisch-brutal, wie angenommen: Die überwachen mit den Dingern nicht die Klassenräume, sondern „nur“ die Umgebung.

The idea is to foil a classic cheating method: receiving a radio feed of test answers via a hidden earphone, sometimes so tiny they have to be removed with a magnet or, when things go really awry, a doctor. “At big exams like these, there are always ‘mystery men’ figures in the background,” said Zeng Yingyong, the secretary of Luoyang’s radio management bureau, in an interview with the Chinese news site

The department’s new six-propeller drone, which was made by a Chengdu-based tech firm, will supposedly help find the mystery cheating broadcasters. Able to monitor the examination area for radio signals from about 500 meters above the test site, the drone pinpoints on a tablet the source location of any suspicious transmissions it picks up. Zeng urged any would-be illegal radio cheats to realize that they can’t escape the department’s radio-wave “dragnet.”

Quartz: Drones are the newest weapon in the fight against Chinese exam cheaters