Niklas Roys Giant Pinball

Niklas Roy hat 'ne neue Riesenmaschine voller Bälle gebaut, nach pneumatischen Ballbeschleunigern, Ping Pong-Systems und Facerecognition-Pong, hier jetzt ein gigantischer Flipper aus Haushaltsgegenständen im Phæno in Wolfsburg:

Galactic Dimension is a supersized pinball machine which I’ve built for Phæno – an amazing science center in the German city of Wolfsburg. The pinball was built on a steep ramp in the exhibition hall and has a gigantic playfield, which measures 3×6 meters in total. Styled with UFO’s and other cosmic references, the pinball fits perfectly into the futuristic building designed by the star architect Zaha Hadid.

As a science center should stimulate creativity and inventiveness, I repurposed everyday items like hair dryers and office fans for the playfield elements, giving the visitors the idea that they could also build such a contraption at home. The result is a fully playable machine, operated via a control desk where the score is displayed on a jumbo calculator. Needless to say – hunting the high score is galactic fun! Watch the video above to see the machine in action!

Niklas Roy: Galactic Dimension (Danke Niklas!)

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