Lego Penis Detection

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Megan Fox (nein, nicht die Megan Fox) über die Programmierung einer Penis Detection für LEGO Universe und wie Gamer die Pimmel-Moderation immer wieder ausgetrickst haben und Lego Universe deshalb nie einen Multiplayer Building Modus hatte:

Players would hide the dongs where the filtering couldn't see, or make them only visible from one angle / make multi-part penis sculptures. The moderation costs of LEGO Universe were a big issue in general. They wanted a creative building MMO with a promise of zero penises seen. They actually had a huge moderation team that got a bunch of screenshots of every model, every property. Entirely whitelist-based building. YOU could build whatever you wanted, but strangers could never see your builds until we'd had the team do a penis sweep on it.

Vor drei Jahren gab's die gleiche Story aus dem Wii U Miiverse: Developing a working Auto-Detection for Penis-Drawings.

[update] Anscheinend haben sie das mit der Penis Detection jetzt doch hinbekommen und es wird demnächst einen Multiplayer Building Modus im grade frisch angekündigten Lego Worlds geben.

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