Cheese Hole-Mystery solved

Wissenschaftler haben rausgefunden, wie die Löcher in den Käse kommen, long story short: Weil die Bauern ihre Eimer nicht richtig saubermachen und Heureste zur Gasbildung im Käse führt:

cheeseAfter about a century of research, scientists in Switzerland have finally solved the mystery of the holes in Swiss cheese. […] Experts from Agroscope, a state centre for agricultural research, said the phenomenon – which marks famous Swiss cheeses such as emmental and appenzell – was caused by tiny bits of hay present in the milk and not bacteria as previously thought. They found that the mystery holes became smaller or disappeared when milk used for cheesemaking was extracted using modern methods.

Guardian: Swiss scientists plug hole in cheese knowledge, hier das Paper: On the Formation of “Eyes” in Emmental Cheese (Bild via Shutterstock)

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