Screentendo: Super Mario-Levels generated from Desktops

Großartige Spielerei von Aaron Randall: „When Screentendo is launched, a semi-transparent window appears which can be moved and resized over other application windows. After placing the Screentendo window over an area of the screen, clicking inside the window will cause the app to render a [Super Mario] game level based on the content beneath it.“

Code gibt's hier auf Github, das Ding ist allerdings eher Proof of Concept und funktioniert eher so mittelschlecht: „Image processing is currently really (really) slow – sub-blocking the image takes a long time (each sub-block is an NSImage, which is a pretty inefficient way of solving this problem, but quick to implement). The current implementation also requires a reasonably distinct contrast in the underlying image for the block detection to work.“ (via Jason Kottke)