Foo Fighters live at Letterman

Ich hab Letterman nie geguckt, aber der Foo Fighters-Auftritt hier mit Fotomontage aus 33 Jahren Latenight-Legende ist ganz, ganz großartig. Danke, Dave!

Von Slate: A Brief History of David Letterman’s Love for the Foo Fighters:

In early 2000, when Letterman had a quintuple bypass*, listening to “Everlong” was crucial to his recovery. For his first show back after the surgery, Letterman asked the band to come on the show and play that song.

“We dropped everything to do it,” Grohl told Entertainment Weekly. “I think we canceled a tour. It was an honor to be asked.” (Letterman confirmed this on last night’s show.)

For that 2000 performance, Letterman introduced them as “my favorite band playing my favorite song.”