An Atlas of Dreams

chaplinSuperinteressanter Artikel beim Atlantic: What People Around the World Dream About: An atlas of the subconscious, from Tijuana to Reykjavik. Is' ziemlich faszinierend, wie lokale Phänomene das Unterbewusstsein und damit Träume beeinflussen. Manchmal ziemlich offensichtlich („It was pitch black inside“ von 'nem Typen aus Island oder eben „I am 103 years old, so I don’t sleep well. But when I do, I see the dead“), manchmal aber eben auch… nicht ganz so offensichtlich:

Dream visitations by benevolent mystical beings seem to be archetypal, with personal belief and culture often determining what form the figures take. […]

“I dreamed that I went to Switzerland and visited the graves of Charlie Chaplin and his wife, Oona. Charlie and Oona rose out of their graves. ‘Ashok,’ they said, ‘You’re doing good in this world.’ Then they embraced me, and I wept.” – Adipur, India