Weird Cityscapes from Fractal Planet


mond2Über Tom Beddards Fractal Lab hatte ich vor vier Jahren schonmal gebloggt, jetzt hat er das in einer neuen Version am Start, die man sich irgendwie auf seinem Server installieren kann. (via Jack)

Damit kann man dann im Browser hübschen Unsinn wie den oben verzapfen: Das ist The Kingdom of Aurulia, generiert aus einem irgendwie „neuen“ Fraktal-Algorithmus namens Mandalay. Try and don't think about Coruscant.

The Aurullia series are Tom Beddard‘s interpretation of a fractal formula called Mandalay, a specific type of Mandelbox with additional parameters that allow scaling of the folding on individual axes, either in parallel or one after.

Tom explains that the upside of Mandalay is that you can get an interesting mix of structures without the obvious patterns you often see in fractals. The curved domes are due to the Mandelbox like sphere folding and the towers due to the different fold scaling of individual axes.

The Imaginary Kingdom of Aurullia – Interpretation of Mandalay fractal by Subblue