Gay Underwater Sailor welcomes foreign Submarines

Die schwedische Peace and Arbitration Society ist beunruhigt wegen der U-Boote in schwedischen Gewässern und schickt einen singenden Seemann ins Wasser, der per Morse-Code zur Gay Pride Parade im August in Schweden einlädt, als Alternative zu anachronistisch-militaristischem Säbelrasseln. Make Love, not war, underwater too. Nice!

On the 27th of April, The Singing Sailor Underwater Defense System was installed into the sea in the archipelago due east of Stockholm. The Singing Sailor is a subsurface sonar system sending out the Morse code: "This way if you are gay". For any submarines passing close by, The Singing Sailor also features the message “Welcome to Sweden. Gay since 1944.” (the year Sweden legalized homosexuality) as an animated neon sign.

If there is a submarine down there beneath the Baltic waves and the crew should happen to see or hear the Singing Sailor they are welcome to join us in the Stockholm Pride Parade on the 1st of august. In times of unrest, love and peace across boundaries is more important than ever. We want to break-up with the violence. Our invitation is also extended to Swedish subs and military personnel and all others that want to join us, says Daniel Holking, Communications-and fundraising manager with the Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society.

The Singing Sailor (Danke Wayne!)