Auf der Biennale in Venedig eröffnete vor ein paar Tagen der Pizza Pavilion, „the first international Pavilion dedicated to Pizza as Cultural Canvas“. Das ist im Prinzip eine Standard-Pizzeria mit neuem Künstler-Menü und die Pizzen darauf sind vor allem belegt mit wunderbaren und extracheesy Pretentiousprickisms. Pizza-Arthouse halt.

Pizza Pavilion is an index for a better and more informed world, like smoke is indexical for fire. Pizza is a carrier for ideas, hopes, escapes and pragmatic Romanticism. It feeds the world in its western logic. It is commonplace and exotic at once. Considered a „door to a new world and a life in freedom“ by some and valued as the most bast form of cultural memory by others, it becomes canvas to individual projections. Pizza is food for the poor and the powerful alike. It serves as both symbolic hub and social equalizer. It is the re-occupation of the commons. In simple Terms: Pizza is the super meme of our time. In it's complex structure it is the prototype of the next subject. Pizza finds a way to our hearts and embodies or feeling like nothing else (granted: cats are cool too).

Pizza Pavilion (via Prosthetic Knowledge)