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AOL is done for $4.4bln

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Verizon buys AOL for $4.4bn: „The deal also includes websites such as the Huffington Post, Techcrunch, Engadget, Makers and“

[update] Aus den Comments auf Hackernews: „To give you some perspective. When Time Warner and AOL merged back in 1999, AOL was valued at $166 Billion.“

Harry McCracken: „Two AOL mergers, two press releases.“


Quartz: „AOL is worth $4.4 billion to Verizon because AOL has in its armory all the weapons media companies need in 2015: ad serving, programmatic video technology, multi-touch attribution, a personalization engine, and other bits of advertising jargon that aren’t remotely interesting to anyone in the outside world. But on such bits of gobbledegook are billion-dollar fortunes made. Just ask Mark Zuckerberg.“

[update] Von Recode: „One scenario we’ve heard is that Verizon intends to spin out some or all of its content operations, like HuffPo, with a third partner, perhaps German publisher Axel Springer [Hervorhebung von mir].“

[update] Das Springer-Bit scheint ziemlich weit vorangeschritten, so scheints:

According to numerous sources, while it has been negotiating its deal to sell to Verizon, AOL has also been in advanced discussions with a number of parties to spin off its flagship Huffington Post content unit.

The talks have been most serious with Axel Springer, the German media conglomerate, but a number of private equity firms have also expressed interest in the high-profile property. Sources said the Huffington Post has been valued at above $1 billion in this scenario, which would either be a complete sale or, more likely, structured as a joint venture.


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Silicon Valley on Silicon Valley

Schönes Ding von Wired: Silicon Valley’s stars guess what real startups do.



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