Real Humans – Remake-Trailerthing

Erster Trailer/Viraldingsbums zum Channel4/AMC-Remake der schwedischen Serie Real Humans, 'ne schicke Werbung für Haushalts-Bots, inklusive schicker Website und Facebooks und alles (via Mashable, danke Marco!). Hier der Plot des schwedischen Originals:

The story takes place in Sweden present time in a parallel universe, where the use of consumer-level androids is commonplace. The androids, known as hubots, are used as servants, workers, and company. While some people embrace this new technology, others are frightened by what can happen when humans are replaced as workers, company, parents, and even lovers. A far-right political movement against the spread of hubots calls itself "real humans", with some members using the derogatory term "Pacmans" to refer to hubots.

[update] Hier ein richtiger Trailer: