All Toilet-Behaviour Facts

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Das NYMag listet Everything We Know About Human Bathroom Behavior, hier ein paar Bulletpoints:

- Men get pee-formance anxiety; women, not so much.
- Territorial men like to spit into the urinal before peeing. [I am kinda territorial and I never spat in the urinal, I swear!]
- Nobody likes an audience while defecating.
- [Toiletpaper] Folders outnumber crumplers.
- Over-hangers outnumber under-hangers.
- There’s a real (and real gross) catch-22 to hand-washing: „Using the soap from dispensers is a terrible idea, since a quarter of them are so laden with fecal and coliform bacteria that your hands could end up filthier than before you washed them.“ [Whoa!]
- Everyone lies about hand-washing.
- And when people do wash their hands, they aren't very good at it.

Now you know.

Bonustrack: No, there is no shit in your beard, „there is more crap in these stories about poo in beards than there is in beards.“


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