Politician shares his Sudoku-Solver C++Code

Politiker bei uns: Neuland. Singapurs Premierminister Lee Hsien Loong dann so: „Fuck that shit.“

I told the Founders Forum two weeks ago that the last computer program I wrote was a Sudoku solver, written in C++ several years ago ([Transcript of Speech by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at Founders Forum). Someone asked me for it. Here is the source code, the exe file, and a sample printout - http://bit.ly/1zfIGMc.

The program is pretty basic: it runs at the command prompt, in a DOS window. Type in the data line by line (e.g. 1-3-8---6), then the solver will print out the solution (or all the solutions if there are several), the number of steps the program took searching for the solution, plus some search statistics.

IT World: Singapore’s prime minister shares his C++ Sudoku solver code (via /.)