More augmented Mutant Hands

Golan Levin hat neue Variationen seiner Augmented Hands am Start und ich liebe nach wie vor jede einzelne davon. (via Prosthetic Knowledge)

- Plus One: The hand obtains an additional finger.
- Minus One: The hand has one finger omitted.
- Extra Knuckle: Each finger has an extra phalange.
- One Knuckle Fewer: Each finger has a phalange omitted.
- Two Thumbs: The thumb is copy-pasted to the other side of the hand.
- Transposed Thumb: The thumb is relocated to the other side of the hand.
- Fractal Hand: Each finger terminates in a small hand.
- Throbbing Fingers: The fingers appear to throb, as with a heartbeat.
- Variable Finger Length: The fingers' length changes over time.
- Meandering Fingers: The fingers take on a life of their own.
- Procrustes: All fingers are made the same length.
- Lissajous: The palm is warped in a periodic way.
- Breathing Palm: The palm inflates and deflates.
- Vulcan Salute: The third and fourth fingers are cleaved.
- Angular Exaggeration: Finger adduction and abduction angles are amplified.
- Springers: Finger movements are exaggerated by bouncy simulated physics.