Keine Musik für Niemand – Polit-Rock und Propaganda Funk aus Deutschland

Großartiger Mix von DJ Scientist zum 1. Mai gestern. (via Blogrebellen)

“Keine Musik für Niemand” is a special full power funky rock set covering the indespensable, indisputable, yet overlooked “Agit-” and Polit-Rock genre with tracks by Lokomotive Kreuzberg, Fasia, Oktoberklub, M.E.K. Bilk, Ihre Kinder, and many others. The mix covers music from the 70s up to the early 80s, full of heavy breaks, undiscovered Krautrock gems and more.

The cover is a remake of the über-classic Ton Steine Scherben “Keine Macht für Niemand” (“No Power for Nobody”) album artwork. I changed the title to “Keine Musik für Niemand” (No Music for Nobody) stating that most of the songs remained totally underground and spread only in the left wing radical scene – being too offensive and strange for most “normal” people.