Abandoned 'Bates' Motel painted white

Vincent Lamouroux hat das seit Jahren leerstehende Bates Motel – yep, that one nope, not that one – mit Kalkfarbe angemalt. Und die angrenzenden Palmen, Billboards, Zäune und Treppen gleich mit. Bilder davon gibt's vor allem auf Instagram unter dem Hashtag #ProjectionLA, hier die Website zum Projekt.

Projection is ephemeral by design, and the limewash will wear away. Until then, Lamouroux says he is really excited about the way so many people are already interacting with it: pulling over and taking pictures of it, going out of their way to walk by and take pictures with it, then posting them on Instagram and Facebook, sharing the artwork with their own spin on it. Sprayed bright white and looking like a giant bleached bone in the desert, it's intended to both attract attention and disrupt the colorful "commercial landscape" that surrounds it on this part of bustling Sunset Boulevard, and seems to be doing both.

Turning Silver Lake's Neglected Bates Motel Into a Giant Public Art Piece (via Designboom)