Kutiman – Thru You Remixes


Kutiman hat seine Youtube-Mashup-Albums Thru You und Thru You Too remixen lassen: Thru You Remix. Hier das komplette Teil in einer YT-Playlist:

A quest to capture Thru-You-Too’s profound impact has led to an original and remarkable collaboration with A-list international producers, continuing the projects’ spirit of cultural and musical genre mixture, each giving their own personal interpretation to the musical outcome handed out in Thru-You and Thru-You-Too. The international producers’ collective, each coming from different countries and musical genres of Hip-Hop, Beats, Tech-house, Dub, Electro-pop and more, stretch out creativity boundaries by presenting their interpretation of “Thru-You-Too” tracks, creating a global multi-stylish collage, which its origins are from a random collective of musicians from all over the world.

The producers participating in “THRU-YOU-TOO – REMIXES” are: Garden City Movement, Mixmonster & Kalbata, Jim Dunloop & Grzly Adams, Rejoicer, Free The Robots, Red Axes, Afficoman, La Dame Noir and Copia Doble Systema