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Dong City: Style Wars-Parody tells the History of New York Dick-Graffiti

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Nette Dick-Joke-Parodie des Graffiti-Klassikers Style Wars von Laszlo Toth:

(via Urban Shit)

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Game of Molds: Schimmelpilz'd GoT-Intro

Von Reddit: „Ramsey Moldton. He is really a fun-gi.“


Mansplaining mansplained

Self-proclaimed „Alphas“ making me laugh since 1984. (via Martin) Lol 1 Lol 2


„For a pearlfish, the best place to hide is often up a sea cucumber's anus.“

TIL: „For a pearlfish, the best place to hide is often up a sea cucumber's anus.“ Thank you, BBC!


Corgi Orgy

Corgi Orgy. (via MeFi) Make your own. Made my own.


BAHFest 2016

„BAHFest is the Festival of Bad Ad Hoc Hypotheses, a celebration of well-researched, logically explained, and clearly wrong evolutionary theory.“ All 2016-Talks here, full playlist…


Go-Kart Blitzaction

Die Go-Kart-Rutscher von The Wild Werner ließen sich Anfang Mai von einer Tram 'nen Hügel in Zürich hochziehen und wurden bei der Talabfahrt mit über…


Elaborate Nosefingertwerking

Phạm Nguyễn Hà Dung doing her thing.


Guns replaced with Selfie-Sticks

A Tumblelog of greatness: Guns replaced with Selfie Sticks. Wie Thumbs & Ammo, nur mit Selbstportraitkamera-Verlängerungsvorrichtungen.


David Bowie und Hinterkiemerschnecken

Bowiebranchia: „Nudibranchia or other opisthobranchia compared to the various looks of David Bowie.“


Doom on a Chainsaw

A Toy-Chainsaw, that is: „It’s a Raspberry Pi Zero, that I crammed into an Echo Junior Chainsaw toy, along with a bunch of other things,…


Stats-Fun with ESC-BPM-Analysis and Economic Inequality

Lustige Scheinkorrelation von Ars Technica, die sich die BPM (Beats per Minute) der, ähm, Songs vom Eurovisiontrash-Contest angesehen und mit den Zahlen des Gini Index…