The Making of Herbie Hancocks Rockit

Cuepoint hat eine ganze Reihe großartiger Features über Oldschool-Hiphop, hier ein Special über die legendären Ultimate Breaks & Beats-Compilations und A Brief History of the DJ-Mixer.

breaks2Am meisten angemacht hat mich aber das Making Of von Herbie Hancocks Rockit:

As soon as the song was mixed, they left for the airport with a reference copy on cassette. “We had some time to kill,” Laswell recalls, “so I said let’s stop at this speaker store. And we went inside and wanted to hear some different speakers. The guy in the store was going to play some bullshit rock stuff, so I said, ‘Here, play this. I want to hear how this sounds.’ And it was ‘Rockit.’” Laswell cranked up the volume. “When we played it,” he says, “there were all these kids from the neighborhood, and they gathered around us, and they’re like, ‘What the fuck is this?!’ I looked at D, and I was like, ‘That’s a hit record.’”