Genetically engineered Humans are here

In China haben sie zum ersten mal Gene in menschlichen Embryonen verändert. Das Experiment war anscheinend, abgesehen vom ethischen Bruhaha, nicht sehr erfolgreich und hat Mutationen in anderen, nicht-anvisierten Genen ausgelöst. Yay, Future!

Researchers at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou have edited the genomes of human embryos […] The experiment wasn’t very successful. Nature reports that of the 86 embryos researchers started with, only a fraction successfully had the problematic gene replaced with a normal copy. And the CRISPR/Cas9 approach also introduced new mutations into other, unintended places in the genome.

[update] Die haben entwicklungsunfähige Embryonen für das Experiment genutzt, vom New Scientist:

"Because ethical concerns preclude studies of gene editing in normal embryos," the team writes, the researchers used human eggs that had been fertilised by two sperm rather than one. These "polyspermic" eggs may develop for a few days but never develop normally and are discarded by fertility clinics.