Newspapers turned into Wood turned into Sunglasses


Holz aus Tageszeitungen gibt's schon halbwegs lange, jetzt haben die Holzsonnenbrillenmacher von Shwood die Technik entdeckt und bieten eine Brillenserie aus anachronistischem Journalismus-Distributionsmedium an. Kannste mal sehen: Print ist tatsächlich noch nicht tot! (via C77)

glassesThis project started as an experiment. An experiment in transformation, reconstruction, and repurposing. To try to return paper to something like its original state. Created using a proprietary, in-house, technique 1600 feet of newsprint is wound up into a 4-inch diameter “log”. These logs are then sawn into thin plies to reveal a unique, wood-like texture. The finished product is a pair of sunglasses completely unique in appearance. The dense lines, swirling grain, and just a peek of text make each pair truly stand out.

The Newspaper Collection features three versions of our signature Canby model: Fifty/Fifty Acetate and Wood Original, both featuring newspaper temple inlays, and Wood Select, with a full-frame layer of the unique material.

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