0xF5/Fleventy Five: Neologisms for Hex-Numbers

Tim Babb erfindet neue Namen für hexadezimale Nummern, basierend auf einem Joke von Bachman aus der Serie Silicon Valley:

siliconWe infer that “fleventy-five” is a hexadecimal number, commonly used in coding; presumably it’s 0xF5 (which is not 0x9 times 0xF, as it happens). But instead of saying “eff-five” for the byte 0xF5, Bachman has come up with some kind of novel system for the English-ification of hex digits.

Could we have a system that attains the unwieldiness and syllable count of spoken English numbers, with all the respectable seriousness of saying the word 'fleventy'?“ […]

0xB3 “bibbity-three”
0xF5 “fleventy-five”
0xE4 “ebbity-four”
0xA7 “atta-seven”
0xC5 “city-five”
0xDB “dickety-bee”

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