Stephen Hawking sings Monty Pythons Galaxy Song for Record Store Day

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Während Monty Pythons Reunion-Tour hatte Professor Stephen Hawking einen Gast-Auftritt, in dem er Eric Idles Galaxy Song aus Meaning of Life trällerte. Und diesen Song gibt's jetzt in einer „extended version“ zum Record Store Day als 7"-Vinyl, Download auf iTunes, dazu gibt es noch ein Monty-Python-Hawking-Asteroids-Browsergame und einen netten Clip haben sie dem Teil auch spendiert:

Originally written by Eric Idle and John Du Prez for the 1983 film “Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life”, “Galaxy Song” is being re-released as a limited edition 7” single for Record Store Day 2015 on April 18th. Now re-recorded with the lyrics sung by Professor Stephen Hawking in his distinctive style, the song is an intricate and informative lecture on the enormity of the Universe fashioned into a bewitching and, above all, highly amusing pop song. The single is in fact an extended version from Stephen Hawking’s appearance in the July 2014 reunion shows at the O2.

The exclusive 7” vinyl "Stephen Hawking Sings Monty Python... Galaxy Song" will only available to buy from high street record stores from Saturday April 18th 2015.


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