Manmade Earthquakes are here

Dass Fracking böse ist und sich nicht allzu gut mit Ökologie und Geologie verträgt, wusste ich. Ich wusste auch, dass Fracking angeblich zu Erdbeben führen soll. Ich wusste allerdings nicht, dass das schon so krass ist, wie in Oklahoma:

Until 2008, Oklahoma experienced an average of one to two earthquakes of 3.0 magnitude or greater each year. (Magnitude-3.0 earthquakes tend to be felt, while smaller earthquakes may be noticed only by scientific equipment or by people close to the epicenter.) In 2009, there were twenty. The next year, there were forty-two. In 2014, there were five hundred and eighty-five, nearly triple the rate of California. Including smaller earthquakes in the count, there were more than five thousand. This year, there has been an average of two earthquakes a day of magnitude 3.0 or greater.

New Yorker: Weather Underground – The arrival of man-made earthquakes (via /.)