Inside Russias Troll-Factory

5362206329_b47b974994_zMeldungen über vom Kreml bezahlte Trolle gab's zum ersten mal letzten Sommer, jetzt hat Radio Free Europe mit Marat Burkhard aus Sankt Petersburg gesprochen, der da zwei Monate gearbeitet hatte. (RFE wurde übrigens als anti-kommunistischer Propaganda-Sender gegründet und von der CIA finanziert, so there's that, hier der Wikipedia-Eintrag.)

Faszinierend: Laut diesem Interview haben die anscheinend verschiedene Troll-Funktionen – einen „Link Troll“, einen „Villain Troll“ und einen „Picture Troll“ –, die zusammenarbeiten und in Foren ein Fake-Debatten anzetteln, die sie dann auf andere Kommentar-Threads zum selben Thema ausbreiten:

On the Barnaul forum, the Link Troll kicks things off with praise and a link to a December 31 article, 'Putin Congratulates Obama And Reminds Him Of The Principles Of Mutual Respect'.

"Great article! By the way, the president of Russia, also congratulated the American president, the German chancellor, and other Western politicians on New Year's Eve. He's to be commended for expressing his peaceful intentions and conducting normal policy -- something that's hard to get from Barack Obama."

The Villain Troll appears incensed:

"And what did you find that was so totally amazing in his Christmas message??? I don't understand!!! Vladimir Putin is an ordinary person!! So what if he's the president?? If I get on TV and wish everyone a nice Christmas, will you write a nice article about me too??? Finally we've found something to talk about!"

The Picture Troll posts a photo of Putin at the church and retorts:

"This is idiotic! Putin is our president. And it's really great that he went to a village church to congratulate everyone on the holiday. Christmas is a miracle. I envy the congregation. I would have loved to have been there on that great holiday."

One Professional Russian Troll Tells All (via MeFi)