DJ Cheeba rescores Plan 9 From Outer Space


Plan 9 From Outer Space (music that inspired the BFI re-score) by Dj Cheeba on Mixcloud

DJ Cheeba hat Ende letzten Jahres einen neuen Soundtrack für Ed Woods besten Tor Johnson-Film Plan 9 From Outer Space aufgenommen, live on stage. Davon gibt's anscheinend leider keinen Mitschnitt (zumindest nicht online), dafür hat er jetzt aber ein Mixtape mit denselben Songs und Plan9-Samples aufgenommen.

In den Comments auf Mixcloud findet man auch einen Downloadlink (, da kriege ich allerdings ein Disc-Image mit Installer – andererseits kommt der Link von Cheeba selbst, klick on your own Risk. Tracklist (selbstverständlich inklusive Bauhaus' Bela Lugosi is dead und Slayers Raining Blood) nach dem Klick:


1. UFO by ESG
2. Home (orb remix) by PWEI
3. Bela Lagosi’s Dead by Bauhaus
4. Time Has Come (Unkle remix) by Portishead & DJ Shadow
5. Canis Lupus by Alexandre Desplat
6. Mysterons by Portishead
7. Every Time We Say Goodbye by David Rose
8. Co- Extinct by Neuropol
9. Godzilla vs. Mothra (Main Title) by Akira Ifukube
10. Stone Tape Theory by King Cannibal
11. Undermud by Funki Porcini
12. Chronos by Fingathing
13. Stand Alone by Neuropol
14. Marka by Dub Phizix and Skeptical feat Strategy
15. Raining Blood by Slayer
16. Electronic Therapy by Shamanic Technology
17. Perpendicular by Anti Pop Consortium
18. Ricrit Shiropp by Memory9
19. Warm and Tender by Johnny Mathis
20. Diary Of A Madman (Instrumental) by Gravediggaz
21. No Love But Your Love by Johnny Mathis
22. Samurai Skulls by Memory9
23. Sentinel Reprise (Lunar Defense) by DJ Food
24. Basscadet (Basscadoublemx) by Autechre
25. Vox Apostolica by Steinski
26. Cycles Within Cycles by Tipper
27. Finders Keepers by Runaways
28. Aragami Style by King Cannibal
29. Flesh Eating Disco Zombies versus The Bionic Hoookers From Mars by The London Funk Allstars
30. The Caveman by Mr Chop
31. O by Monday Monkey Riot
32. IV. 10 by Beeple
33. Vibrations by The Anomalies
34. Do What We Say (Si Begg instrumental mix) by Jacob London
35. Volcano (Four Tet Remix) by Anti Pop Consortium
36. Sugar Is Sweeter by CJ Bolland
37. Here Come The Gravediggaz by Gravediggaz
38. 10,000 by Proxy
39. Flash by Queen
40. Holdon (Modeselektor remix) by Apperat
41. Contact (Instrumental) by Foreign Beggars
42. Bela Lagosi’s Dead by Nouvelle Vague
43. Sentinel (Shadow Guard) feat. DK by DJ Food
44. Crane-White Lightning by The RZA
45. Homewerk by Luke Vibert
46. Radioactivity by Kraftwerk
47. Dystopia by Noisia
48. Invasion Of The Octobots by QBert
49. Untitled by Tipper
50. F. U. Y. A. by C2C
51. Hell Is Round The Corner by Tricky
52. Champion Sound (Total Science Hardcore Will Never Die Remix) by Q Project
53. Exodus (Instrumental Mix) by Noisia and Mayhem

(via DJ Food)