Mass-Arrests after extreme Cheating in India

In Indien mussten sie 300 Leute festnehmen und 750 Kids von der Schule verweisen, weil sie beim Abschlussexakem massenhaft beschissen haben, indem Eltern und Freunde an den Wänden hochgeklettert sind und Zettel mit Antworten in die Klassenzimmer geschmissen haben. Parents these days!

Parents and friends of students were photographed climbing school walls to pass on answers. Many of those arrested were parents. […]

The authorities have clearly been embarrassed by the cheating, the BBC's Jill McGivering says, with the episode prompting ridicule on social media. Students were seen copying answers from smuggled-in note sheets, and police posted outside test centres were even seen being bribed to look the other way.

BBC: India arrests hundreds over Bihar school cheating (via Arbroath)

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