Frankfurt Burning


Zur Eröffnung des Neubaus der Europäischen Zentralbank (EZB) nehmen sie grade das Ostend auseinander, Liveticker bei der TAZ, FNP, HR und FAZ, Deppen-Bindestrich von spOnline:

Offizielles Statement von Blockupy (auf Facebook, die ollen Kapitalismuskritiker, haha!):

Blockupy has made the celebration of the opening of the new ECB impossible and has brought the conflicts concerning Europe's future to the German streets. We have held our blockades as previously announced and have been successfull at that. Next steps: Our rally at 2pm featuring Naomi Klein, Sarah Wagenknecht, Miguel Urban and Urban Priol as well as our demonstration at 5pm, both at the Römer. Enough with the austerity measures, enough with the politics of impoverishment of the ECB!