Fake Miniature Photo-Stages for historic Events

Hübsches Fotoprojekt von Jojakim Cortis und Adrian Sonderegger, die Fake-Foto-Fälschungsdingens für historische Fotografien aufgebaut haben.

Cortis and Sonderegger call the series Iconen because the images are instantly recognizable to photographers and casual viewers alike. Most of them possess a solemn reverence, though some have an undeniable sense of whimsy or awe, like the Loch Ness monster or Buzz Aldrin’s footstep in moon dust. Their final images always pull back from the scene to provide a glimpse of the studio and the materials used: a roll of tape here, a glue gun there. They want viewers to know they’re having fun.

To build the Tiananmen Square scene, they bought seven model tanks and spent a week assembling them. That quickly wore thin. “To build one tank is fun, the second is OK, but then the third one is not that much fun,” he says. They called it quits after four, and opted to duplicate the last three in post-production.