Conquered by Clippy: An Erotic Short Story


Für 'ne handvoll Dollar bei Amazon: Conquered by Clippy: An Erotic Short Story, feat „an overly helpful giant living paperclip is getting her all bent out of shape. […] Conquered by Clippy is a 4000 word short story featuring sexual situations with digital assistants. It’s for super mature audiences only.“ (via Boing Boing)

Und nach den zwei Minuten MSOffice-Porn, hier der Nachfolger mit „sexual situations involving blocks“: Taken by the Tetris Blocks: „When blocks started falling from the sky, Christie Aackerlund welcomed the excitement. Now she’s having a bad day at work, and craving some fun and games. Luckily, she runs into some Russian blocks that are looking to score. Soon, she’ll be the one falling … in lust.“

Beide haben es allerdings noch nicht auf das Tumblr Kindle Cover Disasters geschafft, dürfte aber nur eine Frage der Zeit sein, die Gay Knights & Horny Heroes und die Old Ladys who love Porn warten schon.