Funerals for dead Robo-Dogs

Sony stellte 2006 die Reparaturen seiner Aibo Robo-Hunde ein und seit dem hat sich eine ganzer Robodog-Veterinär-Markt etabliert und die Firmen unterziehen unrettbar kaputten Robot-Viechern auch mal eine traditionelle japanische Beerdigung:

The Sony stiff has led not only to the formation of support groups--where Aibo enthusiasts can share tips and help each other with repairs--but has fed the bionic pet vet industry. “The people who have them feel their presence and personality,” Nobuyuki Narimatsu, director of A-Fun, a repair company for robot dogs, told AFP. “So we think that somehow, they really have souls.”

While concerted repair efforts have kept many an Aibo alive, a shortage of spare parts means that some of their lives have come to an end. The following images show the funerals of 19 Aibos that engineers at A-Fun were unable to save.

Newsweek: Japan's Robot Dogs Get Funerals as Sony Looks Away