Embarrassingly late learned Facts

12.03.2015 Fun Misc #Life

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Großartiger Reddit-Thread: What fact did you learn at an embarrassingly late age? Wie Leo komme ich auch nur auf langweilige Standards, ich kann bis heute nur manchmal Brutto von Netto unterscheiden, ich weigere mich konsequent, Spiderman richtig zu schreiben, und naja, bis 10 oder so war ich fest davon überzeugt, mal einen Stern auf'm Boden gefunden zu haben. Hatte ich aber nur geträumt. Hier ein paar meiner Favorites:

- i thought that when people lose a body part their organism could regenerate the missing part until i was 13+-. if i saw someone with a half of an arm missing i thought "good shit, his arm is almost complete"

- From about 5th grade to 8th, I had the wrong understanding of what a dildo was. My friend Joe told me that it was when you cut off someone's dick and put it on a stick. Then I mentioned that one day, and everyone was just like WHAT THE FUCK DUDE.

- I was a few months away from turning 17 and The Dark Knight was coming out. I checked IMDB to see what actors and characters would be in it, and that's when I learned that Harvey Dent's evil nickname is Two-Face, not Toothpaste as I had always thought. I never saw the name written down, in the animated series half is face was white and the other half was blue[1] , and I just never really questioned it.