The Psychology of Nothing

Superinteressanter Vortrag von Professor Helga Drummond: The Psychology of Doing Nothing: „This lecture explores decision avoidance in business. Why is costly inaction attractive? Why do individuals (and organisations) sometimes hesitate even though they know they probably have more to lose by not taking a risk? We also explore the other side of the coin: when is inaction the highest form of action?“

Transkript hier, Snip:

In a nutshell, the psychology of doing nothing focuses upon situations where the long term costs of inaction far outweigh any short-term benefits. There are at least seven overlapping pitfalls:

1. discounting the future,
2. procrastination,
3. omission bias,
4. delay choice,
5. preference for status quo,
6. risk avoidance,
7. denying “it’s broken”

Youtube: The Psychology of Nothing